The Imp, Victoria Park

So life has been hectic of late…I am in the last month or so of my six year study (assignments have been raining down on me), have started a marathon training plan (for a marathon I am planning on running in June), have had to learn new choreography for my Les Mills BodyPump classes and my full-time job has been busier than usual. Phew. So with the craziness of what my life has been since the start of the year, my blog posts have taken a back seat with my free time used to sleep or see the important people in my life.

Today for the first time in a long time, I feel I can take a breath. And what a lovely day it has been. I met early this morning with miss-has-similar-lactose-issues for a Bikram Yoga class, followed by a well-needed breakfast. We had not made any plans the night prior about where we were intending to go (usually I LOVE plans and looking up the menu), however it felt nice to go on a whim. Miss-has-similar-lactose-issues’ lovely husband also joined us.

We ended up deciding on The Imp. When we arrived at around 10ish it was busting at the seams. However, within 2 minutes two tables had left and we were sitting down and deciding on what to order. I quickly decided that the Bircher Muesli with a Rhubarb Compote was for me. This dish was beautiful and creamy, and definitely satisfied my oat craving. I am not a huge compote fan, would have preferred fresh fruit (e.g., berries, banana) as I tend to find it sickly sweet as was this one was, which is not really needed when you have the dried fruit throughout the Bircher. I liked the thinly sliced apple throughout and the abundance of little additions (dried fruit, nuts).

Bircher Muesli

Bircher Muesli

Miss-has-similar-lactose-isses went with the Poached Eggs on Rye Toast. When this came out the Rye Toast impressed me, it was doorstopper bread!

Poached Eggs on Rye

Poached Eggs on Rye

Her husband went with the Big Breakfast, but swapped out the chipolatas for spinach. This was a decent serving size and with a $22 price tag (I think from memory) it should be. I think speed-eater would love this breakfast. I particularly liked the look of the home-made beans (as did miss-lactose…her husband happily gave them over to her…something speed-eater would NEVER do, I think speed-eater-bf and him should hang out hahaha). The hash browns also looked the goods. My eyes nearly popped out of my head when miss-lactose’s husband offered me one! Of course I didn’t take one, mostly because I was so shocked haha.

Big Breakfast

Big Breakfast

The Imp is definitely a return-visit cafe; good food and friendly, efficient service.

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  1. Gilly@doubletroublerunning
    Mar 19, 2014 @ 11:37:35

    Hahahhaha! I love that you were shocked he offered – he was only showing off cos you were there. 😉 And beans would be the lowest food group on that plate… 🙂 Great seeing you and lovely review 🙂


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