Punjab Indian Restaurant, Innaloo

After a particularly busy week Speed-eater and I decided to go to Punjab Restaurant in Innaloo. Speed-eater lived in this suburb during the first year we dated. We often got takeaway from the Punjab Indian Restaurant during that year and since moving have missed it. When we arrived, however, I realised that I had actually never been inside…Speed-eater must of always picked up the takeaway. The restaurant is one of the best interiors I have seen of an Indian Restaurant, they tend to be quite casual, however Punjab is stylish and had a fine dining feeling to it. The kitchen is at the back and you can glimpse into it to watch the chef’s in action. Now I am not sure what happened to Speed-eater on this night but he ordered a banquet….for himself (haha). Firstly he ordered the Vegetable Samosas. Four Samosas arrived with a side salad for $11. Speed-eater rated these as the best Samosas he has had, commenting that the thinness of the pastry elevated them to a new league.


Vegetarian Samosas

Vegetarian Samosas

For mains Speed-eater bf went with the Goat Curry ($25) .Indian (as with most other meals) are not a sharing thing for Speed-eater and I as it often is for others. I do not eat goat however Speed-eater loves it. This goat curry looked tender, with the meat falling off the bone. Speed-eater also ordered some Garlic Naan ($5) and shared rice with me ($8).  You could smell the garlic coming off the garlic Naan, it smelt delicious. Speed-eater did contemplate ordering a salad as well however all this food stumped him.

Goat Curry

Goat Curry

Garlic Naan

Garlic Naan

Saffron Rice

Pulao Rice


I ordered the Dhal Punjabi after the waitress’ recommendation. I was running 18km the next day so did not want something heavy or spicy sitting in my belly (which does not equal a good combination for running). I enjoyed the lightness of this dish with the lentils cooked in a tomato based sauce ($17.50). I missed getting a photo of my dish unfortunately.

Our experience at Punjab was enjoyable. It definitely is one of the better Indian restaurants in Perth and one of the best in terms of dining.

Punjab Indian Restaurant on Urbanspoon

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