Three Five Three, Wembley

Last weekend I could not have asked for a better Sunday. Firstly, I met with some of my running mates for a light jog around Lake Monger a few times. Then we all went out for breakfast. Three Five Three in Wembley was close by so that was where we headed. Immediately as we walked in we all felt somewhat a little under-dressed. We were in our running clothes and this restaurant did not quite feel like the place  where you wore your joggers. Nevertheless we were welcomed in. We arrived just after 8am, with the restaurant only opening at 8. Things began well, when we were asked our drink orders immediately. However after a 20 or so minute wait, we still did not have our drinks and hadn’t received a menu. One of our party went on the hunt for a menu; with it appearing that they were somewhat short staffed. Even after we placed our orders we actually did not get our meals until around 9:15. Quite a long wait considering the time we arrived.

After a bit of a debate with myself over what I felt like I ended up deciding on the Bircher Muesli which for $10 I thought was very good value.  On the menu it was described as bircher muesli, mixed fruit, sheep’s milk yoghurt, honeycomb. When this arrived I immediately had the equivalent to buyer’s remorse in food ordering (what would you call that?!). I am normally quite good at watching the dishes as they are delivered to other tables (in order to scope out what looks good) on this occasion however I obviously was not on my game.  When I think of Bircher Muesli I think of creamy oats with mixed nuts, dried fruits and apple. This Bircher had the latter three components however there was no creamy oats. Rather, it was just muesli type ingredients soaked with small dollops of yoghurt. The yoghurt that was there was AMAZING, however there just simply was not enough of it. I was left disappointed with this dish as was the others that ordered it.

Bircher Muesli

Bircher Muesli

Now my always-swaps-food-happily-with-hubby friend ordered the Fresh Fruit Salad which was served with orange labna, nut granola and mint ($10). I avidly watched  her and hubby consult each other about what they were ordering. They have their little system down pat, it makes me smile. Me and speed-eater need to get onto this, maybe we can learn a thing or two off of these two. This dish looked beautiful.

Fruit Salad with Orange Labne, Nut Granola and Mint

Fruit Salad with Orange Labne, Nut Granola and Mint

Hubby ordered the Homemade Bean Cassoulet, Baked Eggs, Grana Padano ($19).  This dish also looked the goods. I thought that it might have been good to have some toast with it to dip into the beans but swaps-food-happily’s hubby said it didn’t need it and it would have been too much with the toast. Of course they swapped as well.

Homemade Bean Cassoulet, Baked eggs & Grana Padano

Homemade Bean Cassoulet, Baked eggs & Grana Padrono

Miss-cultural-diversity ordered the toast ($5) with scrambled eggs ($3) and smoked salmon ($5). This dish looked nice and there did not appear to be any complaints coming from her end, and reasonable value I thought.

Toast with Scrambled Eggs and Smoked Salmon

Toast with Scrambled Eggs and Smoked Salmon

After breakfast I topped a lovely morning off with an instructor workshop for the group fitness class I teach. Nice Sunday morning I’d say bar the unfortunate Bircher Muesli.

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