Typika Artisan Roasters, Claremont

So this weekend I am off to run my marathon. After 17 weeks of training I am focusing on how I have successfully completed every session in my training plan and done so being largely satisfied with most of the sessions. The marathon is Sunday so tomorrow will be spent taking it easy, hydrating, fuelling my body, getting my clothes organised (let’s be honest they were already prepared two days ago), perhaps checking over each and every one of my recorded sessions and most of all relaxing. I have found this week particularly challenging. Most love the taper week but I have enjoyed training for this marathon so much that it saddens me it is all going to be over shortly. One of my running mates commented to me after my longest run (35km) that I must be glad it was over..and although I felt good in completing it, it did not feel like a drag doing it so there wasn’t that same elation- I had enjoyed every single one of those 35kms (some say that is sick I know). It actually surprises me how much I enjoyed the training process this time and I put that down to hydrating myself better (with a hydration supplement), having protein shakes after most of my runs (to prevent muscle wastage) and regularly running with others (I am apart of a run club) and wow I have noticed a difference. So bring on Sunday and in the meantime I’m focusing on knowing and reminding myself that have put in the training, now it’s about going out there with confidence and enjoying it; the rest will work itself out.

Now onto the actual point of this post…a few weekends back speed-eater bf and I went to Claremont for a morning shop and brunch at Typika. We arrived around 10:30ish on a Sunday so I was expecting to wait for a little bit however we put our names down and in less than 10 minutes we were seated. The place was busy however there’s a lot of room. The menu on weekends is an all day brunch affair. This makes me happy however speed-bf noticed a few things on the lunch menu that he wanted to try and suggested we come back the weekend after. However, it appears their lunch menu is only available mid-week, which is rather unfortunate considering we both work full-time and would have very little chance getting here during the week unless we had holidays. Oh well, the fact I could order brunch all day pleased me enough.

Speed-eater bf surprisingly was a bit indifferent on this day about breakfast (normally he relishes having breakfast out). He decided on Bacon and Eggs on Toast ($16). He had the option of how he would like his eggs (fried) and toast (sourdough). His dish came with tomato relish in a small container and butter in another. Now speed-eater has this unusual (I think anyway) habit of when he eats fried eggs he cuts most of the egg white off and really only eats the yolk- which is what he did on this morning…essentially wasting most of his eggs. I have never asked finish-everything-on-his-plate (and everyone else’s) what his thoughts on this are, he would find this difficult I’d suggest. Speed-eater seemed happy enough with his choice, although didn’t really indulge in the tomato relish.

Bacon and Eggs on Toast

Bacon and Eggs on Toast

He also ordered an ice coffee with ice cream and was oohing and ahhing about this choice.

Iced coffee

Iced coffee

I went with the Eggs (scrambled) on Toast ($11.50). There were no side options marked on the menu but when I asked the waiter he said I could have any side I liked. I went with a side of mushrooms ($?). I originally decided on sourdough toast however then hunted down the waiter who was more than happy to change my order to cape seed. This dish came out and looked luscious except for my eggs being on my toast!

Scrambled Eggs on toast with mushrooms

Scrambled Eggs on toast with mushrooms

Now if your a regular reader you will know of my dislike of having my eggs served on my toast- I know presentation wise this looks better but I HATE soggy toast. So I immediately scrapped my eggs off to save my drowning toast. What I particularly loved about this dish was the mixed array of mushrooms that were served with it. Yum! Again I disliked the fact that they were served in a little container, but after tipping them out onto my plate all was well in my world. A very filling and satisfying breakfast.

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