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So I was somewhat a little mischevious to speed-eater-bf (although that name may now be disputed following this dining experience) last weekend. I gave him three alternative suburbs to choose from for our Sunday breakfast without disclosing the cafes I had planned for each. Whenever bf mentions my lack of disclosure in this regard I remind him that he failed to ask those questions….anyway he chose Highgate which meant we were off to Solomon’s Cafe. I’m almost 99% sure I would not have been able to get speed-eater-bf through the doors of this cafe if I had told him where we were headed. Solomon’s Cafe is a relatively newish cafe in Highgate which specialises in catering to a variety of diets. Basically the menu has items which are suitable for meat-eaters, vegans, vegetarians, raw foodists, paleo, those with allergies and also food sensitives. The food is 100% organic, gluten free, diary free and processed sugar free. So inlight of that I thought that the basic concept of providing food for a whole variety was smart and would suit my new interest in raw and vegan foods whilst also giving speed-eater choice of having meat if he liked. I must add a disclaimer with this post which was that on this particular Sunday morning I was VERY hungry. I had run my legs off in a 35km training run the day before and find that I don’t eat much after such a long run…but the next day I tend to. Anyway I had also done Bikram Yoga that morning so was in need of sustenance. Well even in saying this, I think even if I had not done any of this I may still have been hungry after this very small breakfast.

Walking into Solomon’s we were greeted straight away and shown upstairs to a table. Unfortunately service went downhill from there. It took us another 20 minutes (10 minutes of that which was spent by me attempting to make eye contact with a waitress) to order our drinks and breakfast. Speed-eater by this stage had realised what he had gotten himself into and was looking rather less than excited one could say (one who is less optimistic may say crestfallen). He commented in relation to the menu description of nitrate free bacon “the bacon does not even sound appetising”.

Now one of my dislikes when dining out is when I ask the waitress/waiter a rather simple question in relation to the menu and they cannot answer it without consulting the chef…I wanted the vanilla, coconut, chia seed pudding ($12) which was vegan, vegetarian and raw. As I also felt like fruit I asked whether it came with fruit. The waitress had to check- no it didn’t, I could order the fruit salad ($12) if I wanted fruit. I didn’t want to order two breakfasts so I just went with the pudding. Then I asked what came in the mango smoothie. Off she tottled again to ask. Gr. Atleast she found out for me I guess. I also ordered an English Breakfast Tea with almond milk. The almond milk looked like it hadn’t been strained properly….Speed-eater commented that it looked off although it obviously wasn’t. I make my own almond milk at home and mine has no lumps and looks and tastes much more appetising than the almond milk here. I was disappointed with my chia seed pudding. It was bland and on the smaller side. It would have done with the addition of some berries or other fruit.

Tea with almond milk

Tea with almond milk

Vanilla, coconut chia seed pudding

Vanilla, coconut chia seed pudding

Now speed-eater bf hesitantly placed his order and bless him when he was asked what milk he would like in his coffee. He looked somewhat blankly at the waitress whilst a visible lump formed in his throat….she started with almond, then said soy….and finally added diary. Relief for bf he went with diary. Bf chose the scrambled eggs ($3) with grilled tomatoes ($4) and nitrate free bacon ($6). Bf found the coffee much too strong and when this occurs he normally adds some sugar… the sugar that was served here was coconut sugar. Bf added one teaspoon, tasted, then added another. His comment was that he would have to add the jar of sugar in order to taste it…I didn’t taste the sugar but obviously it didn’t live up to bf’s ideas regarding sugar.

Flat white- diary

Flat white- diary

Now bf’s meal came out. It was also a small portion particularly the bacon considering its $6 price tag. Nitrate free bacon must be some expensive produce. Regardless bf did not enjoy the bacon he commented he prefers his with nitrate. He also found the eggs had a funny taste, and I commented to him it was probably soy milk or almond milk in them. Speed-eater bf was not eating this meal with any ferocity in fact this is the slowest I have seen him eat EVER.

Scrambled eggs, nitrate free bacon and grilled tomato

Scrambled eggs, nitrate free bacon and grilled tomato

As soon as bf put his fork down we high-tailed it out of there, laughed about our experience (bf said if he didn’t laugh he would cry) and then headed to Mary St Bakery to grab a coffee and for bf some sweets to make up for a rather interesting (some may say traumatic) experience for him. All in all I rather like the concept of Solomon’s yet the portions were small and the food and service missed the mark. I really did want to like this place too. Oh and I got my fruit…make a massive fruit salad as soon as I got home. Yum.

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  1. Liz
    Aug 14, 2013 @ 10:17:39

    My family and I went there for dinner a month or so ago. We had quite a similar experience and also chose to laugh it off. I am still a bit traumatised by the meals we were served though.


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