Chilli Orange, North Perth

On Tuesday it was Speed-eater and my sixth year anniversary…how time flies. To celebrate Speed-eater booked dinner for us, and kept the location a surprise. Now normally I very much like knowing where we are going (I tend to be one of those people that loves looking up the menu and reading previous reviews), and to be honest I did pepper Speed-eater jokingly for a few days beforehand to tell me where we were going. Despite nearly giving in, he managed to kept it hidden right until we arrived at the door.

I was very chuffed with the choice – Chilli Orange in North Perth. Walking in, it is a small space with a beautiful and rustic feel about it…perfect for a date night. We were seated immediately and quickly scanned our menus. Speed-eater decided he wanted to do entrees. I decided I was going to try something new…I have been wanting to try green paw paw for a long time and Tuesday was a particularly hot day so the Sashimi salmon salad which was served with green paw paw, carrot, red onion, ginger and radish sounded like the perfect start to the night. The salad was all tossed in an apricot and plum sauce, and garnished with crushed peanuts and sesame oil ($18.90).  This dish looked beautiful when it arrived, and the flavours were light and fresh. There was the perfect amount of apricot and plum sauce, anymore and it may have been overpowering. I particularly loved the Sashimi salmon, it was fresh as can be. And..I very much enjoyed the paw paw, reminded me of a green apple.

Sashimi Salmon Salad

Sashimi Salmon Salad

Speed-eater-bf ordered the rice paper rolls. These came with duck, lettuce, cucumber, capsicum and mint inside and were served with hoi sin sauce ($16). I had a little bite of these (unusual for Speed-eater to offer me his food, think he was feeling particularly generous since it was our anniversary) and enjoyed the taste. The duck was thinly sliced and considering how rich duck is I think the balance was exactly right.

Rice Paper Rolls

Rice Paper Rolls

We both continued the theme of our entrees with our mains…I ordered the Salmon again which was a grilled teriyaki salmon fillet served with a small side salad of char grilled corn, avocado and coriander salsa. On the side was bread crumbed prawns and wasabi mayo ($34). I thoroughly enjoyed the salmon, which was perfectly cooked and the avocado, and corn salad was sensational. I loved how the corn had been char grilled. The breaded prawns were ok, somehow they just did not seem like a good balance to this dish, it may have been because they were crumbed, they would have been nicer just pan-fried. The wasabi mayo was a revelation. All in all though I was very happy with this dish.

Teriyaki salmon with breaded prawns and avocado, corn and coriander salad

Teriyaki salmon with breaded prawns and avocado, corn and coriander salad

Speed-eater ordered the “five spice roasted duck and seared scallops with grilled eggplant dressed in vinaigrette with asian mix salad” ($38). When this dish arrived it was not quite what I was expecting given the price of the dish. It was basically a very expensive salad. Speed-eater however thoroughly enjoyed it to my surprise.

Roasted Duck and Seared Scallops

Roasted Duck and Seared Scallops

Speed-eater decided to give dessert a go….its a running joke between us, as Speed-eater often orders dessert whereas I do not, however the waitress always gives us two spoons even though we say we are not sharing and I never have any of his! And again on this occasion two spoons were provided to us. Speed-eater was deciding between two desserts, and asked the waitress’ recommendation. She recommended the chocolate lava cake which was served with macadamia ice cream and a raspberry coulis ($16). This dish took awhile to arrived and as soon as it did we could tell was baked to order. I could smell the gorgeous chocolate in this dish as soon as it arrived, and when Speed-eater broke the surface of the chocolate lava cake, it had the slightest of crusts and was gooey and indulgent. Speed-eater clearly polished off this dish.

Chocolate Lava Cake

Chocolate Lava Cake

I walked away with a very happy belly from Chilli Orange. The dishes were impeccable and the service attentive but discrete. In terms of value for money even though the meals were on the more expensive side, the fact that there were so many components to each dish, I certainly did not feel it was unworthy of the amount, and for me when you get good food, really what is there to complain about. I would recommend ordering an entree and main or main and dessert (or the whole hog like bf did) as the dishes are on the lighter side.
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