Toast, East Perth

Yesterday was the monthly catch up with the girls from run club. I had not seen a few of the girls for a couple of weeks so was really looking forward to the catch up! So after a tidy 18km with has-similar-lactose-issues we headed off to refuel. We had decided on meeting the others at City Farm Cafe in East Perth, however realised when we arrived at 8:30am that it was closed and not reopening until next Saturday. Boo. So the next plan was to head to Toast just around the corner. The location of this cafe at Claisebrook Cove is beautiful and particularly so on this spectacular Saturday morning. The only problem was that others thought so too…we reluctantly joined the line. I hate waiting in lines for food. We were a large group of eight, and were advised by the waitress that we may not all be able to be seated together due to needing two tables, with it being unlikely that two would become available at the same time next to each other in the near future. Whilst I appreciated her honestly, we wanted to sit together, so we eyed off the cafe next door (The Partisan). However luck must have been on our side that morning as after about 10 minutes of waiting two tables became available right next door to each other. Yay!

We were given menus and water and advised that once we had decided what to order to please place our orders at the counter. I have been attempting to limit my intake of diary especially since the gluttony of Christmas (read way too much chocolate)….so I enquired when ordering whether I could possibly have the scrambled eggs made with soy milk as opposed to cream ($12.90). This was met with a no problem, and the waitress also suggested that the side of mushrooms ($3.50) I requested could be sautéed in oil as opposed to butter. Very happy with this. I thanked the waitress and particularly liked how they did not make me feel different or annoying for my dietary requirements rather happily accommodated them. This speaks volumes to me. At Toast you also get the option of what type of bread you would like; and with a name like Toast they have a great array of options. I decided on the wholegrain sourdough. Due to how busy the cafe was, our meals took a little while to arrive, however, we were informed of this upon ordering. I was very happy with my dish when it arrived, the eggs were just cooked and of a generous portion size. The mushrooms were full of flavour and seasoned well. My toast was somewhat cold, however upon seeing Miss-Cultural-Diversity put her scrambled eggs on her toast, I too, did the same which heated the toast up.

Scrambled Eggs (made with soy) on Toast with a side of Mushrooms

Scrambled Eggs (made with soy) on Toast with a side of Mushrooms

Has-Similar-Lactose-Issues ordered the Poached Eggs ($11.90) on Rye Toast, no complaints were heard from her camp. I learnt a new thing about Has-Similar-Lactose-Issues on Saturday, she hates mushrooms, would not have thought it, I couldn’t imagine life without them.

Poached Eggs on Rye Toast

Poached Eggs on Rye Toast

My always-swaps-food-happily-with-hubby friend had come down with a nasty 24 hour bug the previous day so was after something that was not too rich or testy on her belly. She ended up going with the Banana and Cinnamon Sugar on Toast ($10.90). This dish was very generous in size and looked tasty. Banana is my favourite fruit (I eat at least half a banana every day) so I was smacking my lips at the look of the banana.

Banana and Cinnamon Sugar on Toast

Banana and Cinnamon Sugar on Toast

Mrs-Smiles (aptly named due to me watching her run a marathon which had a horrid head wind with a smile on her face the ENTIRE time) went with a sweeter option on this morning; Fruit Toast with Spiced Ricotta, Fresh Pear and Honey (fig and walnut; $15) and wow did I have food envy when this dish came out.

Fruit Toast with Spiced Ricotta, Fresh Pear and Honey

Fruit Toast with Spiced Ricotta, Fresh Pear and Honey

My other running buddy lets call her Miss-Raw-Dessert-Fan (due to her introducing me to the idea of raw desserts) went with one of the specials of the day, which was Corn Fritters with Asparagus and a Poached Egg. This dish looked light and fresh.

Corn Fritters with Asparagus and Poached Egg

Corn Fritters with Asparagus and Poached Egg

All in all I was very happy with our visit to Toast. One could not complain about the service which was efficient especially considering how busy they were. I often run past here on our long Saturday morning runs, it might be very hard to not stop next Saturday….I like the idea of running to breakfast, eating and then running home, however, realistically I am not sure I would be able to motivate myself to get going after the breakfast interlude.

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  1. Gilly@doubletroublerunning
    Jan 06, 2014 @ 08:56:50

    I think you should change my name from “Has-Similar-Lactose-Issues” to “despises the smell of fried mushrooms” Nice review :)


    • thebakingjoggerblogger
      Jan 06, 2014 @ 08:58:26

      Haha I am considering a name change for you double trouble running… I feel the current name does not do you justice however an yet to come up with an adequate alternative that does do you justice


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